Advantages of Using Invisalign over Traditional Dentures

Advantages of Using Invisalign over Traditional Dentures

February 1, 2021

Crooked and misaligned teeth are not only unsightly to look at, but also make cleaning your teeth difficult. Teeth that are not properly cleaned eventually lead to periodontitis. With this disease, you risk bone loss, tooth loss and other general body infections.

Wearing teeth aligners is a sure way for teeth straightening. However, conventional braces are seen by many to be less attractive, especially the elderly, and also uncomfortable. Traditional metal braes can also be painful to wear.

A great alternative to traditional braces is Invisalign aligners. This tooth straightening option comes with many advantages over traditional brackets and wires. One of the main benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces is their aesthetics. They use clear trays that are barely visible wen in public, compared to metallic wires and braces.

However, the difference between these two goes deeper than aesthetics. Research by the Canadian Dental Association reports the following advantages of Invisalign treatment:

Better Oral Hygiene

This is the top practical advantage of Invisalign trays compared to traditional braces. The fat that you can still remove your clear aligners to maintain your oral health goes a long way in preserving oral hygiene. Brackets are known to leave stains on your teeth, especially if you don’t brush your teeth well/

It’s also extremely difficult to floss your teeth with braces on. With Invisalign in Hannon, ON, it makes it easy to avoid cavities preserving your dental integrity for the future.

You Know What to Expect

While trimming wires for conventional metal braces, orthodontists can determine how your teeth will shift. However, with this method, surprises are inevitable. With Invisalign, this guesswork is eliminated, creating a more predictable and controllable tooth movement.

You Have Freedom to All Your Favorite Foods

Another good thing about Invisalign teeth aligners is that you never have to give up your favorite food in the course f the treatment. With traditional braces, you often find the need to give up foods like chips, sticky candy, pop corns and a myriad other delicious food. Eating some foods subjects your braces at risk of breaking, which will need an orthodontist, and more money.

With the Rymal Family Dental Invisalign treatment, you can pop out your tooth alignment trays to enjoy any of your favorite food or drink. No food needs to be eliminated form your usual diet.

They are a Comfortable Fit

It’s almost obvious that Invisalign trays are more comfortable than traditional braces. The trays are created using a 3D model image created from a Smart Crack material. The gum of the mold used to make the Invisalign braces is hand-trimmed to ensure you get the exact replica of your jaw shape.

These trays have a more comfortable fit than braces because they are custom made just for you.

Invisalign is Safer

The dentist in Hannon, ON, advises on the use of Invisalign because the trays are safer compared to risks posed by brackets and wires. The protruding bits in traditional braces can potentially pierce or scratch the soft tissues of the mouth like inner cheeks and gums.

Clear aligners are smooth and comfortable as they dont have any protruding edges pr parts that can harm tissues of the mouth.

Conventional braces can amplify demineralization and tooth decay. It’s because they use stern force to straighten teeth. These are not problems that never exist when you use clear aligners. Clear aligners a reduce the damage caused by wearing traditional braces and provide similar or even better results.

Duration of Treatment

If you wear braces, you can expect them to remain in place for up to 5 years before you completely heal.

With Invisalign, only one year is needed for results to appear. In a year and half, the magic is already done and you have all straight teeth.

In Conclusion

Overall, there are many benefits to using Invisalign aligners for tooth straightening over traditional braces. Invisalign is slightly costlier, but in the end, you wont regret spending on it. These clear aligners are more comfortable compared to braces and they pose less risks to your gums and teeth, plus results with Invisalign come faster.

If you want to transform your smile, talk to the dentist in Hannon, ON, for the best tooth aligning options for you. You will need expert advice so you don’t miss the treatment you deserve.

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