Dental Implants Are Excellent Missing Teeth Replacements: What Are the Reasons?

Dental Implants Are Excellent Missing Teeth Replacements: What Are the Reasons?

April 2, 2021

Dental implants have acquired the reputation of being excellent missing teeth replacements. People losing one or several teeth prefer dental implants near you over other options despite them being expensive, challenging to place, and requiring lengthy healing time. What are the reasons making people choose dental implants over other missing teeth replacement solutions? The reason for people’s preference is not challenging to understand.

This blog looks at why dental implants and Hannon, ON, have become the preferred choice among people with missing teeth. The dentist in Hamilton is not overwhelmed with the unprecedented demand for dental implants from people because they consider the titanium implant as a measure resembling the human tooth root the closest. The dentist is aware of the higher prices of the implants and the extended duration of the healing. However, to continue recommending implant placements for people over 18 years losing permanent teeth. Let us provide some reasons why dental implants have acquired their reputation.

Implants Are Long Lasting and Reliable


After people decide on getting dental implants as missing teeth replacements, they invest in a solution that remains with them for a lifetime. The results provided by dental implants are phenomenal and appear natural simultaneously. With proper dental hygiene and regular appointments with the dentist in Hamilton, people having missing teeth replacements with dental implants continue to enjoy them for their lifetime.


People get the ability to have a wonderful smile without compromising on their speaking and communicating skills. Implant placements make people look younger and feeling better because they have healthy teeth in their mouths. Best of all, implants allow people to enjoy their favorite crispy and crunchy foods.


Dental Implants Prevent Jawbone Resorption


Jawbone resorption is a common occurrence with people who lose one or several teeth. Jawbone resorption occurs when people’s remaining natural teeth begin moving towards the missing teeth’ blank space. Teeth from the upper or lower jaw also start drifting towards the empty space, causing misalignment in their bites and giving them a sagging appearance.


When people have the titanium post inserted into the jawbone, it acts as an artificial tooth root that, after healing, supports a customized crown over it resembling a natural tooth. The jawbone integrates with the implanted post and strengthens itself to recreate equal chewing forces necessary to stimulate the jawbone and preserve the teeth’ tissues.


Implants Function Better Than Dentures


Denture wearers always complain they are uncomfortable with dental prosthetics. Everyone wearing dentures except those with implant-supported permanent dentures complains about challenges when eating the foods they love or speaking. Thankfully people with implants have replacements resembling their natural teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable in appearance and functionality. So long as people care for their dental implants following the Hamilton dentist’s easy maintenance instructions, they likely continue to enjoy their replacement teeth for as long as they live.


Dental Implant Costs Aren’t Exorbitant As Imagined


Initially, people must invest considerably in dental implants and the procedures involved to have them placed. However, with multiple payment plan options currently available coupled with implant quality, people have no reason to consider other possibilities.


It is incredibly essential for people to realize they spend considerably less on implants than they would on other options and procedures over time. Dentures require an investment besides multiple appointments with dentists for adjustments or repairs.


People preferring dental bridges may think they are choosing a better alternative than dentures but will realize the challenges of having them when they confront issues like tooth decay and gum disease beneath the dental bridge requiring treatments from periodontists.


Finally, not everyone can have traditional dental implants because they may not have sufficient jawbone in their mouths. Some people may not prefer to have one implant for every missing tooth, especially if they have lost an entire arch of teeth. Thankfully the makers of dental implants have a solution to overcome these situations. People can have mini dental implants inserted in their jaw to hold an arch of permanent dentures fixed securely to the implants.


Dentists overwhelm people by telling them dental implants do not attract tooth decay or cavities because the crown over the implanted post is artificial and made from porcelain. It indicates that people merely have to ensure their mouths are free from gum disease, which can occur with improper dental hygiene. Maintaining excellent dental hygiene and getting frequent cleanings and exams from dentists is essential to keep the dental implants in perfect condition.


The reasons mentioned in this blog are why people consider dental implants as excellent missing teeth replacements.

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