Partial and Full Dentures Better Than Not Having Any Missing Teeth Replacements

Partial and Full Dentures Better Than Not Having Any Missing Teeth Replacements

October 1, 2021

When you have missing teeth from injuries or disease, the vacant spaces in your mouth make biting, chewing, and speaking challenging. You may want replacements but may hold yourself back because of the higher prices of dental bridges or implants. If you have oral health conditions affecting you dental implants are not the options dentists offer you. In such cases, it makes sense for you to consider the time-tested options of getting partial or full dentures depending on how many teeth are missing from your mouth.

Besides affecting biting and chewing, missing teeth also affect your facial structure because your natural teeth earlier held your facial muscles from sagging. As a patient with one or more missing teeth, you may wonder whether you should get partial or complete dentures. Before you proceed any further, we suggest you consider some things to determine whether you must have partial dentures or complete dentures as replacements for your missing teeth.

Full Dentures Explained

Complete dentures are customized, removable replacements for your missing teeth. Before you get full dentures, you must either have all your teeth in the upper and lower jaw missing or have some extracted. You must also allow your gums to heal before the dentures are customized for you by the dentist in Hamilton, ON.

Flesh-coloured plastic or acrylic helps make a set of complete dentures to rest on your gums. The prosthetic is moulded to snugly and comfortably fit over the gums to serve as artificial replacements. As a result, present-day dentures are more natural-looking than their counterparts a few years ago.

What Is the Difference between Full and Partial Dentures?

If you still have several natural teeth remaining in robust and good shape, they help by forming a base for partial dentures. Partial dentures are a plate with one or several prosthetic teeth attached to a base.

The same flesh-coloured or acrylic base that helping make full dentures is also helpful in making the partials. The prosthetic is developed to fit comfortably in the top or bottom half of the mouth to replace missing teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth. You can have partial dentures for front teeth if you have lost a couple and are not inclined to opt for other procedures like implants or bridges.

Can You Get Partials or Full Dentures within a Short Time?

If you need complete dentures, any remaining teeth in your mouth need extraction first. Next, your gums require healing time to recover from the extraction. After that, you must visit partial and full dentures in Hannon, ON, for them to take impressions of the gums for a dental laboratory to make models. Getting a complete set of dentures requires approximately two to three months to customize, and time fine-tuning and changing the fit is natural after each stage of the preparatory work. However, the ultimate results are worth waiting for.

On the other hand, Rymal family dental makes partial dentures using a metal framework or flesh-coloured plastic to support replacement teeth when requested partial dentures. The dental appliance is held in place with clasps and rests naturally fitted to lock into place with help from your remaining natural teeth.

If you have missing teeth either due to infections, injuries, or any other reason, you must not dwell on the past but consider correcting the situation sooner rather than later. Replacing your missing teeth is incredibly essential if you want to avoid their consequences. Besides heaping upon you, the problems described earlier tooth loss also causes jawbone resorption and difficulties with digestion, besides other issues. Therefore, instead of waiting for the consequences to take over, you must consider replacing the missing teeth soon after you lose them.

Will You Confront Problems after Getting Partials or Full Dentures?

Initially, you undoubtedly experience some discomfort after getting replacement teeth with partials or complete dentures. These dental prosthetics appear alien in your mouth and tend to slip and shift when trying to eat or speak. However, as you get accustomed to the artificial appliances in your mouth, you overcome the discomfort and begin enjoying the renewed functionality of your mouth with artificial teeth.

Do not think you can get your partials or complete dentures from every dental professional in town. However, dentures are an affordable option for replacing missing teeth and will likely not cause you financial hazards. Therefore you must select an experienced provider like Rymal family dental for the replacement teeth because this time-tested teeth replacement solution is still better than not having replacements in your mouth.

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