Dental Crowns in Hannon, ON

Are your teeth severely misshapen, discolored or decayed? If yes, you may be a suitable candidate for dental crowns in Hannon, ON. Dental crowns are custom, tooth-shaped caps that cover a tooth, thus restoring the aesthetic and function of the said tooth. Dental crowns are fabricated from different materials, depending on the needs and preferences of the patient. These materials include metal alloys, ceramic or porcelain, composite resin, as well as stainless steel and zirconia.

At Rymal Family Dental, we provide dental crowns for patients of all ages. We want to help you keep your natural teeth for as long as is possible. If your tooth has suffered damage of whatever kind, we’re happy to take an in-depth look and advise whether dental crowns are suitable.

Signs That You Need Dental Crowns

You may benefit from dental crowns if any of the below apply to you:

  • Your tooth is severely decayed. In such a case, a dental crown protects the remaining tooth structure and prevents the tooth from falling apart.
  • Your tooth is severely worn down, especially as a result of tooth grinding or bruxism.
  • You need a large filling for a decayed tooth.
  • You require dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges feature pontic teeth that are supported by adjacent teeth via dental crowns.
  • You need dental implants. For patients who require dental implants, dental crowns complete the smile transformation.
  • You have severely discolored or misshapen teeth.

Dental Crowns Treatment Process

Our Cosmetic dentist near you begins by comprehensively assessing you to determine the state of your oral health. As we saw earlier, dental crowns are needed for a wide range of dental problems. As such, you may require additional treatments such as dental implant surgery or root canal treatments before getting dental crowns near you.

Once your teeth are ready to receive crowns, our dentist in Hannon, ON reshapes your teeth and then takes dental impressions of the same. Using these impressions, the dental lab team fabricates custom crowns from the material of your choice.

During your subsequent appointment, our dentist cements the dental crowns to your affected teeth, thus transforming your smile permanently.

Don’t rush to extract your tooth just yet. Even in cases of severe damage, dental crowns can save the day. Contact Rymal Family Dental to book a consultation with our dentist near you on Rymal Road Hamilton, ON.

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