Partials and Full Dentures in Hannon, ON

Due to dental decay or accidents, many people have missing teeth. Fortunately, they can visit our dentist at Rymal Family Dental to discuss replacement teeth. Depending on your situation, the best recommendations may be either partials or a set of full dentures.

Why It’s Important to Replace Teeth?

The health of your remaining healthy teeth depends on replacing missing ones, whether you’re missing one or 10 of them. Each tooth depends on the next one to help support it because when one is missing, the others will start to shift or tilt toward space in your mouth. When they move, they will begin to loosen, and you will eventually lose them.

By replacing teeth, you can replace the supportive structure they need. Our dentist in Hannon, ON can help you replace missing teeth with partials for the upper or lower jaw or full dentures.

Missing Teeth Leads to Bone Loss

Another consequence of missing teeth and not replacing them is bone loss. The jawbones will shrink over time and make it more difficult to get some replacement teeth, such as dental implants, and it can cause premature aging.

The jawbones give your cheeks a full look, so when the bones shrink, the cheeks will sink in, and you will appear older than your actual age.

Quick Replacements

Some forms of teeth replacements, such as dental implants, can take several months to get because your mouth needs time to heal between procedures for implants. Also, bridges or dental crowns need strong teeth in place to support these prostheses.

However, replacements in the forms of partials and full dentures may be put in as soon as our dentist at Rymal Family Dental clinic removes your remaining teeth. Since our dentist uses laser technology to remove teeth, putting in a partial or denture set is more comfortable than ever, and the gums heal faster as well.

If you want to replace missing teeth and regain a beautiful smile, consult with our dentist about getting replacement partials or full dentures.

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