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Fillings are very common, and many people will get fillings at some point in their lives. There are several types of fillings, but one of the most popular options is white fillings.

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What Are White Fillings?

White Composite Fillings are made of resin composite. Resin composite is a combination of ceramic and plastic compounds.

When you get white fillings, the material is bonded to your tooth. Other types of fillings require a more complicated procedure as the other materials don’t bond to the teeth as easily.

White fillings are a popular option because they match the color of your teeth. If you don’t want your filling to be obvious, a white filling is a good choice.

Advantages of White Fillings

If you are trying to decide between white fillings and another type of fillings, you should know that there are several pros to white fillings.

  • They blend in with the natural color of your teeth.
  • They are easily bonded to the surface of your tooth.
  • Less drilling is required, preserving the tooth.

When Might You Need Fillings?

Most commonly, fillings are used to fill in cavities. If you have a cavity, a filling can prevent bacteria and plaque buildup inside of the cavity.

White fillings are often used on damaged or decayed teeth. This is due to the nature of these cosmetic procedures. In these cases, a silver or gold filling may stand out too much.

You might also get a filling if you have a small hole in your tooth or a fractured tooth. If your teeth are discolored, a filling can help cosmetically. Another reason to get fillings is the loss of tooth structure. If you have a damaged tooth, it can lose its structure over time.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you should talk to a dentist near you.

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