Should I get a dental crown? All you need to know about dental crown

Should I get a dental crown? All you need to know about dental crown

May 1, 2021

Missing a tooth due to surgery or accident? Cracked teeth? etc then you may need to get a dental crown. So what is a dental crown?

An artificial crown or dental crown is a tooth cap or covering that covers the visible portion of your tooth. This tooth crown is needed when your tooth is chipped, cracked, weak, or worn down. The dental crown is fitted over the offending tooth.

Reasons why you may need a dental crown

  1. To act as a support for your weak teeth that are at risk of falling off due to decay or crack
  2. To support a dental bridge
  3. To hide a dental implant or filling
  4. If you have badly discolored teeth
  5. To conceal a deformed tooth

Types of dental crown

Dental crowns differ in their function, make-up, duration, etc Having these in mind, you are in a position to make a better decision on which one to choose. The types of dental crown are:

  • Porcelain dental crown: this 100% porcelain teeth are preferred because it matches the exact color of natural teeth. They are mostly used for the front and back tooth. One downside is that it wears down at the part that is touching the opposing teeth/crown
  • Metal dental crown: The metals that can be used are gold, chromium, silver, nickel, palladium, etc. This type of dental crown hardly wears down hence they last longer. Unfortunately, If you are allergic to metals then this type of crown is not advisable for you.
  • Combination dental crown: The most common example is the porcelain fused metal. The top porcelain part matches your teeth’ color. Next to the metal crown, they last longer. The downside is, sometimes the metal beneath the porcelain top shows through as a dark line.
  • Temporary dental crown. They are “temporary” because your doctor installed them for you to wear for a short period. It is replaced with a permanent one on your next doctor’s appointment.
  • Onlay dental crown. Also called ¾ crown, this type of crown only covers a part of your tooth.
  • A-day crown: for this type of crown, you can get it that same day of your doctor’s appointment. It’s usually quick because they design and produce the crown from popular methods like computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) or computer-aided design. You only have to wait for a few hours or so.

Others are resin crown and zirconia crown

Procedures involved in dental crown

For traditional or multi-day procedure:

  • On the first doctor’s visit. Your doctor will take an x-ray of the tooth that needs the dental crown. This is to check if the tooth needs to be filled, needs a root canal, or is at the risk of infection.
  • A mold of your mouth and teeth is taken
  • The top and sides of the teeth that need a crown are filed down
  • Putty is used to taking an impression of your tooth
  • Your doctor gives you a temporary crown to wear.
  • The doctor’s informed decision along with your preference will determine the type of crown you will be given
  • The impression samples are taken to the lab where it is used to make a permanent dental crown
  • On your second visit, your doctor removes the temporary crown. He will administer mild anesthesia before cementing the permanent crown into place

Cost of having a dental crown in Hannon, Hamilton, ON

The cost of a dental crown varies and often depends on the type of dental crown and the region the procedure will be done. Porcelain dental crowns are more expensive followed by porcelain fused metal crowns than metal crowns. The cost of a dental crown is between $800 – $1700 or more. Check if your insurance covers it. Keep in mind that additional costs may arise if your doctor did any other procedure along with installing a dental crown. For example, if he did a root canal or filled your tooth.

Possible risks that may result from getting a dental crown

  • Tooth sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Cracked crown
  • Gingivitis or gum disease
  • Allergies that develop, due to metal crown


There are many selections of dental crowns to choose from. Tell your Hamilton dentist your preferences so that he will keep them in mind while choosing the right dental crown for you.

Keep in mind that some crowns last longer than others, for instance, porcelain-infused metal crowns and gold crowns last longer than the others.

After getting a dental crown, maintain good oral hygiene like regular flossing, avoid chewing hard food or substance, etc

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