The Significance of Periodontics and Maintaining Your Dental Hygiene

The Significance of Periodontics and Maintaining Your Dental Hygiene

July 13, 2021

Inflammation of your gums may be an indicator of periodontal disease. If untreated, the condition may spread and become more severe. Periodontitis is an extensive stage of gum disease that can result in debilitating complications. Poor oral hygiene may lead to tooth loss, and it’s crucial to undertake treatment for gum diseases at the early stages. The dentist near you may recommend you brush your teeth regularly and rinse your mouth with recommended antimicrobial mouth wash.

Dental hygiene & periodontics in Hannon, ON, focus on maintaining your oral health by addressing potential risk factors that may lead to periodontal disease. Preventing plaque build-up minimizes the risk of having oral infections. Gum disease may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other health conditions. It’s vital to undergo early diagnosis and treatment before your condition becomes severe. Your specialist will examine your dental status and determine the ideal treatment plan for you.

What periodontics Entails

Periodontics is a specialty in dentistry that incorporates procedures used to preserve structures and tissues that surround your tooth. Your periodontist will diagnose, treat and prevent you from periodontal disease. If your oral condition is extensive, you are likely to undergo extraction and dental implant procedures. Our Hamilton dentist provides you with restorative and cosmetic procedures to revamp your dental functionality and aesthetics.

Periodontics involves root planing and scaling on your infected tooth roots, vital in removing damaged tissues. It’s ideal to seek periodontal treatment if you have advanced gum disease. During your appointment, your specialist will diagnose the root cause of your infection and plan for suitable treatment. You are likely to be referred to your general dentist for additional treatment. If your condition is severe, you might undergo oral surgery to address your oral health issue permanently.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is associated with various symptoms, and some include:

  • Deep pockets on your gum tissues
  • Receding gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen, tender, or red gum tissues
  • Mouth sores
  • Loose teeth

Common Periodontal Procedures

Dental hygiene & periodontics in Hannon, ON, utilizes various treatment procedures. Some of the processes are highly invasive, and others are minimally invasive, including:

  • Gingival Sculpting in which your tooth crown is lengthened, and bone tissue reshaped. Excess gum tissues are removed to expose your natural tooth.
  • Deep cleaning, root planing, and scaling are used to remove plaque or tartar from the periodontal pockets. Antimicrobials are used during adjunctive therapies to ensure you recover fully from the infection.
  • Soft tissue grafting involves removing your gum tissue from the palate to cover your exposed tooth root. The procedure is vital in minimizing tooth sensitivity.
  • Gum regeneration is done by folding back your gum tissues in the removal of bacteria. Our Hamilton dentist stimulates your tissues and enables bone regeneration.
  • Augmentation corrects your gum tissues and restores your natural dental contouring. The artificial teeth appear natural from your gum tissues.

Preventing Periodontal Diseases

It would help if you considered various variables in maintaining your oral health. Your dietary lifestyle, certain medications, smoking tobacco, and other aspects may adversely affect your oral tissues. Clenching of teeth and other customary practices can have severe implications on your child’s teeth development. Periodontal disease is also associated with various health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Undergoing treatment during the onset of your gum inflammation and at early stages may offset the risk of spread. You can safeguard your oral tissues from periodontal disease by observing various tips recommended by your specialist. Our periodontist at Rymal Family Dental may advise you to observe the following oral hygiene regimen in ensuring your preserve your gum tissues from infections:

  • Use soft-bristled toothbrushes to avoid hurting your gum tissues while brushing.
  • Avoid chewing tobacco products and smoking
  • Floss and brush regularly
  • Undergo periodic dental cleaning and dental exams for your gum tissues
  • Use an electric toothbrush to remove plaque
  • Rinse your mouth using recommended and ADA-accepted mouth rinses.

Your dentist will provide you with additional guidance on the ideal brushing technique, and there’s a need to clean or floss your teeth regularly. Interdental brushes help remove debris between your teeth, and mouthwashes help clean your mouth tissues. Please consult the Hamilton dentist and find an ideal oral health regimen for your dental health today.

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