White Filling: Procedure and Benefits

White Filling: Procedure and Benefits

June 3, 2021

A dental filling is one of the most commonly used dental restoration treatments. With dental fillings, there are two basic options available to restore teeth that are metal and white fillings. Metal fillings are either made from gold or silver amalgam. White fillings are the tooth-colored resins used to fill cavities.

What Are White Fillings?

White fillings are also called composite fillings which are made up of ceramic and plastic. They restore teeth structures that have been damaged as a result of trauma or tooth decay. Decay makes the tooth hollow.

These dental fillings help to fill this gap and protect it from further decay.
The white filling can withstand the moderate pressure and constant stress of eating hard foods, so these can be used both for front or back teeth.

When You May Need A Dental Filling?

There are signs when you may need a dental filling:

  • Dark spots on the tooth.
  • Chipped or broken teeth.
  • Foods that always get stuck in your teeth.
  • Tooth sensitivity when your certain tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperature, sticky and sweet food.
  • A hole that you can see in your teeth.
  • Cavities can cause bad breath which results in tooth decay and may need a tooth filling.
  • An old filling is cracked or broken.
  • Pain in the tooth

If you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you may need a dental filling. Consult with dental experts today for white fillings in Hannon, ON.

How are Teeth Filled with White Fillings?

The first step of the White fillings procedure involves administering local anesthesia. Your dentist will gently inject anesthesia into your gums to numb the area that will be treated. The dentist will remove plaque, tartar, tooth decay, or an existing filling.

After the site of the filling is cleaned and dried, the tooth structure is etched and then coated with a gel and bonding solution to aid the bonding. White filling is placed in the gaps in thin layers. Each layer is hardened with a special curing light.

When the last of your filling is hard, your dentist will check your bite to make sure that the resin does not interfere with your bite. Any minor adjustment can be done at that time if needed. In the last step, your dentist will shape and polish the filling for a final touch.

Benefits of White Fillings

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, white filling provides several benefits that are:

Natural Looking

Many people are conscious about the way they look so they don’t want their filling to show when they smile or laugh. White fillings are cosmetically pleasing because the material used to make white fillings is the same as your tooth color. Therefore, they’re basically unnoticeable.

Lower Risk of Sensitivity

The white filling does not expand and contract with temperature change, unlike amalgam fillings. Composite resin does not transfer the heat as the metal does. This quality allows patients to avoid teeth sensitivity while consuming hot or cold foods and drinks.


White filling is a versatile solution to many problems. Apart from filling a decayed tooth, it is also used to repair teeth that are cracked, chipped, broken, or worn down.


White fillings are biocompatible means they do not release any toxic chemicals in the mouth. Silver amalgam contains traces of mercury and metals that can leach into the mouth.

Restore Tooth Shape

White fillings are directly attached to the tooth. It adheres well to the tooth. Patients with a broken tooth can get the white filling to restore the tooth’s shape.

This option does not work with silver amalgam. It is used to repair cracked or damaged teeth that wear down due to dental habits like nail-biting or tooth grinding.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

White fillings last for about 7 to 10 years depending on how you take care of your newly restored teeth. You can decrease the risk of cavities simply by:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride-based toothpaste
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Flossing teeth once in a day
  • Visit your dentist regularly for dental checkups

If you are experiencing tooth decay or need more information about tooth filling, call and book an appointment today with Rymal family dental to get cavity-free teeth.

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